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What styles of music do you like?

All forms of rock.

sammyWhat Kind of instrument do you play?

I play the guitar, piano, violin, and ukulele.

Why that instrument ?

I started with guitar as soon as my dad would let me. I’d hear him play and I remember it was the coolest thing to me. I didn’t play often though because no one would teach me, and I didn’t know what I was doing.

So, I took up piano. Actually, I learned my first song, Heart and Soul, trying to impress a girl. Eventually, I used my ear to teach myself basic chords and used my right hand to play what the vocals were. Around second grade I read this comic about some stone pirate character named Karl who played the violin. After that, I asked every day if my parents would let me take violin lessons until they finally did.

During 6th grade, I picked up the guitar more seriously. I played every day, for hours on end trying to teach myself whatever song I was into at the time. At some point, it hit me that this is what I needed to do. Music was there for me through everything and has been the one thing I’ve never stopped doing.

How long have you been playing?

Guitar –  4 Serious years

Violin – 8 years

Piano – 10 years

Ukulele – 2 years

What’s your Favorite Band?

Gotta say, I have a lot of favorite bands, although right now, and forever, All Time Low. Huge inspiration.

What’s your most influential band?

All Time Low, or Green Day.

What do you usually play? 

I usually play a lot of pop punk, punk rock, and alternative rock.