About Us

About us

Formally established in 2016, Not Alone comprises five lads lacking retirement plans. 


Esteban Ortiz-Villacorta began singing at the ripe age of three. It was actually the first time he had ever spoke. Previously he had communicated solely through eloquently finger picking his father’s flamenco guitar. One day his mother looked at him with pleading eyes and said “Esteban, my darling sweet boy, ever will you mutter but a sound or a peep?” and onto her, her boy laid a lullabye as soft as silk and syrup: “I am the Egg Man, They are the Egg Man. I am the Walrus. Goo Goo g’Joob (please dont copyright claim)


Chase Edson actually invented Facebook in 1990 after AOL became wildly popularized, under the name Chasebook. However, due to a sleep deprived hallucination of what mirrors our lives today, he claimed the world was not yet ready, and scrapped the project. Dedicating the next 40 years of his life to the arts and other worldly creations, he has since mastered a wide variety of crafts. It is now the year 2020 and Chase is in Not Alone,
playing the bass.


Blake Johnson had never touched a drum a day in his life before Not Alone’s first album was recorded. The four remaining members sat him down in a room, handed him a garageband drum set and repeatedly played tapes of Animal from the Muppets until Blake figured it out. On the first day of recording he tracked every song perfectly, first try. He also proudly lives with the most beautiful and special dog in the world (we call her Luna).


  Sam Nemiroff was found in a can out back much like Oscar The Grouch. Filling noses with the smell of ripe banana peels and ears with the sound of slapping strings, Sam has found a way to completely overwhelm his audience with garbage. Though more like a neighborhood raccoon, the others often leave food and other offerings in exchange for his brief familiarity. 

Tyler (new member!)

Tyler Johnson, although arguably the most creative and naturally talented guitarist of the gang, is best known by his online alias, “The Harbinger of Death.” Using the power of seduction and fear Tyler has single handedly claimed, “winner winner chicken dinner” on four hundred and twenty battle royales. Only one away before unleashing his true powers as a demi-god, for it is him who may face the realms beyond with fame and glory. He is also addicted to online poker.